RESEARCH: Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE, TUAT)

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

北大東島(沖縄県)のサトウキビ畑に生息する植物寄生性線虫: サトウキビの成長を抑制する潜在的な原因  Plant-parasitic nematodes in sugarcane fields in Kitadaito Island (Okinawa), Japan, as a potential sugarcane growth inhibitor

豊田グループの成果が、2014年7月にNematology, vol. 16, pp. 807-820 に掲載されました。



Research from Toyoda’s group has been published in Nematology, vol. 16 pp. 807-820 Jul. 2014.

They estimated potential damage to sugarcane by plant-parasitic nematodes (PPN) in Kitadaito Island. Their results suggested that sugarcane fields in Kitadaito Island were ubiquitously infested with a variety of PPN with a relatively high abundance and also suggested that PPN may suppress sugarcane growth in Kitadaito Island.

For further reading: Here
Toyoda’s Group Homepage

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