RESEARCH: Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE, TUAT)

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

グラフフィルタバンクのための冗長型グラフラプラシアン行列 Oversampled graph Laplacian matrix for graph filter banks

田中研究グループの成果が、2014年12月にIEEE transactions on signal processingのvol. 62 pp. 6425-6437に掲載されました。

田中研究室のホームページです。 図
Research from Tanaka’s group has been published in IEEE transactions on signal processing vol. 62 pp. 6425-6437 December 2014. They proposed a method of oversampling signals defined on a weighted graph by using an oversampled graph Laplacian matrix. The perfomance of the proposed method was compared with that of other conventional methods and it was shown that the proposed one was superior to the others.

For further reading: Here
Tanaka’s Group Homepage

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